Stem Cell Research for Women

I realize that there is a lot of controversy over certain technological and scientific advances that have come up over the last few years, somehow politicians, religious leaders and many others feel that it is their place to stand in the way of scientific innovation because of a few asinine sales pitches and even more backwards thinking! The advance of science, if ethically and empirically conducted, should never be hindered by religion, politics or other social agendas. Science is a frontier that must always be explored, particularly in the case of medicine. Research that could yield cures to diseases should never be halted.

Stem Cell research may take us leaps and bounds into finding a cure for osteoporosis, heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease… it is still a new and misunderstood method that will get people up in arms (because, apparently, the thirty second blurb on Fox News is enough for everyone to learn all that there is to learn about this complicated procedure).

Vital Stem cells, which an be harvested from menstrual blood, can actually yield a lot of information tat could possible lead to a cure. The technology provided by C’Elle (Visit C’elle) can safely preserve the stem cells found within a woman’s menstrual fluid. A woman could do this monthly within the privacy of her own home, so it’s non invasive.

By storing these stem cells at a very low temperature, there is a possibility of finding self-renewing cells that can be used to help find a cure that could save the lives of so many.

You can go Visit C’elle and use the promotion code 241 to be a part of a limited time special promotion-Purchase one of these C’elle kits for yourself and get a kit for a female friend, sister, mother, daughter or other female loved one for free.

Poor Little Feminist

Thanks to Ruth, I’ve been exposed a brand of feminism that I have hated for as long as I’ve been aware of it. Ruth calls it “flatulant” feminism, I call it Britney Spears Feminism; the kind where they complain about being objectified then talk about how much money they spend on makeup and clothes. So basically they powerlessly accept and perpetuate the unfair status quo by continuing to buy makeup and then complain about.

To go on a date, I spend a grand total of $0 dollars. Well, maybe I’ll spend money on gas, but I don’t wear makeup, I don’t wear unnecessarily expensive clothes, and I certainly don’t buy clothes I will only wear once. The last time I would consider myself on a “date” was in Fort Carson, CO, when I was with Guile. I looked like this:
After a one mile incline, a windy dirt path down the mountain and days of working out this is what I looked like. According to The ex-expat at The Hand Mirror (a supposedlyfeminist blog) I am a “dowdy frump who doesn’t take care of [my]self.” I have never felt like a frump, and I’ve certainly never felt persecuted for never wearing makeup and always being in jeans and t-shirts. I’ve also never felt out of place by not buying fashion-forward clothing.
I have come to the conclusion that the women at this particular “feminist” blog are insecure, and overly sensitive to societal pressures and have a need to be Socially desirable.
So, ladies and gents, putting a lot of effort into your appearance and throwing money at the cosmetic industry then complain that you are being objectified by it… well, let’s just say that at that point, it’s your own god damn fault.

“If you decide to spend time and money preening yourself for a date then you are full of self-loathing, have low self-esteem and are an aspiring stepford wife. However if you decide to forgo the make-up and fashions, then you are a dowdy frump who doesn’t take care of yourself.

You can’t win.”

Actually, yes you can win. Stop obsessing about your appearance, grow a pair and quit being so god damn sensitive and insecure. Maybe some people think I am a frump, maybe some people think that I don’t take care of myself, but really… why would I give a shit?

I Lust For

After the second demise of my marriage I thought that I would not be attracted to anyone for a very long time. I don’t mean that I would not find anyone attractive, but I did not think that I would lust for someone’s touch.

Then it was as if somebody stepped up.
I have not slept with anyone, as I am still technically married until the X-husband sends me the notarized papers. I have had no problem with this… until recently. I sat on a friend’s couch, and after some joking, tickling and play fighting, I found myself pinned beneath him.
I looked up at him at his mischievous eyes as a smirk spread on his lips. I was overwhelmed by the urge to taste him. I thought for a second that he was moving in for my lips, but it wouldn’t just be a kiss, would it? In this position, it would open the flood gates of temptation and what self discipline I had would fly out the window. So I didn’t kiss him, and I haven’t still.
But each time I look at him now, I want him. I want to know him. I want to know how his bare skin feels beneath my hands, how his lips feel on my neck. That evening is replicated almost weekly, watching TV, joking and teasing and touching. Our hands slipping where they should not slip, and like a coward, I fall away. I tell him the commercial break is over, that I need to re-adjust, or that I need a drink of water… any excuse to break eye contact.
I secretly hope that one day he won’t let me break away, and one day I won’t have to. To hell with discretion! I wish he would just hold my stare, and not let me leave it. I wish I could surrender. I wish I could give in. Go from sleeping on his couch, to sleeping in his bed.
One day I might have him in more than just my imagination in the solace of my own room, but at least for now, I know that he yearns for me too.

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